Shooop, shoop, shoop, shoobey-doo

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for the past year and half…

Wishing, hoping, waiting….(gotten out of the habit of praying..not good Val)

Like now, I feel like I need to breathe out deeply, like I do after a walk up a hill..and it comes  out like a sigh…which invites questions, which I’m not ready to answer…

Need to get back to church…small steps but major ones nonetheless. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away this long…even when I wake up early on Sunday….time just slips by and I find myself not going..

Took a trip to Jinja this weekend with was all kinds of awesome…if I lived there my uniform would be shorts, short dresses, short skirts and t-shirts/ vests. I felt like I couldn’t breathe here..I was tired of the routine. I read in the sunshine, put my feet up, sipped cool beverages, ate what I wanted, slept, stared at the water, dipped my feet at the Source of the Nile, played cards, gossiped a little, woke up to no alarms and was at peace.

Back home…and antsy again….thinking of yet another roadtrip…


  • Exhale (Shoop shoop)- Whitney Houston (RIP)
  • The presence of the Lord is here- Byron Cage
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