How do food bloggers do it?

No seriously..this is one of the random things that plagues my life.

Time to digress: Went to church this Sunday (mama was so pleased that I went..she woke me up so early even though I’d decided I was going for the 10.45 service. Apparently in some churches the 11am/12pm service is for walevis or those guys who went out Saturday night..haha sikujua.) Anyhu moving on to my point. The pastor (my guka) was talking about reconciliation. Anyway one of the points that really stuck with me was how we all have good intentions, but they mean nothing unless they are put into practice. That was such a timely message for me as I’ve started putting some of my intentions (like going back to Church) into practice. Now what does this have to do with food blogging and my issues?

One of my intentions this year (and every year since I left my teens) was to eat healthy..I’ve documented on this blog about my love for bread, my love for chips when I’m tipsy, my dieting, my detoxing and all things food related.But I decided to turn my intentions to healthy eat into practice and save my beloved foods for my cheat days (or crap days at work, or PMS related days, or other emotional roller-coaster induced moments.)

Now, I’m a fan of food blogs. I subscribe to many, and even if I don’t make the foods they post about I still soothes me when I’m stressed or depressed or any emotion in between..and naturally it makes my food cravings (which are already wierd) go haywire! Si last week I was craving chocolate cake french toast. Yes this is chocolate cake dipped in a yummy eggy, creamy, vanilla concoction, fried and topped with chocolate sauce and icecream. Sema hips (which are already a problem) going haywire!!! Mind you I haven’t made it yet so there’s hope. But I always wonder how food bloggers eat such things. I mean I know some exercise like mad or are stay at home mum’s to five boys (GFF!) but still…the rest, how do you do it?

I read them as I eat my chicken and steamed veg and roasted garlic (one thing I learned from food blogs is that roasted garlic is the be all and end all..and guess what? They were right..its so yummy and buttery and doesn’t give one that garlicky breath!) So food blogs can be good for something..and yes I know there are healthy food blogs out there….

Now my sister says if I want to stay on the healthy bandwagon I should give up my food blogs because they are the sauce of my anxieties when I’m starving and know I should reach for a fruit salad bowl or handful of nuts or smoothie yet I think of cheese, cheese and more cheese (and in some cases all the different types of french toast out there).

So do they (food bloggers) eat like that everyday ama? Cook then strap on the Nikes and go for a 20km run? What?

I may have read a post about a lasagna with cheese (duh!), spinach, (splash of health there), roasted garlic (yummers!) before I wrote this post…

That is all…


  • Wacha waseme- Dan Aceda and Eric Wainaina
  • No-one knows tomorrow- Asa

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